I was raised in a three-generation business that was established in 1930. It is a specialty shoe store that concentrates on problems caused by the lower extremities. I am an ABC Certified Pedorthist. You may be asking your self what is a pedorthist? It is a person that is educated in medical conditions that are related to the lower extremities, A pedorthist will usually receive a written order from a physician, physical therapist, occupational therapist or some other related medical professional. The Pedorthist will then fill the order by examining the patient’s particular problem. The next step is measuring, designing, modifying footwear or an orthotic and fabricating or dispensing the proper device to fit the patient’s needs. The product is then dispensed with instructions on the proper way to use the product.

One of the most common problems we see is heel pain often due to Plantar fasciitis. This can be due to strain in the fascia and or heel. Although, rest is very important it should also be treated with a custom orthotic that is molded directly from the persons foot. This will give the best results when the mold is done in a non-weight bearing position this will hold the fascia naturally up towards the skeletal structure of the foot giving it a chance to heal and unload the heel pressure. Using the foot orthotics along with stretching exercises given to you by your health care professional you should see at least a 20% difference in relief within a two-week period. The pain will eventually subside to where there is no pain at all.

Even though I have talked about ways to treat the problem it is still very important to go to your family physician or your other health care professional to ensure a proper diagnosis.

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