Live active and independent from today.

For fully independent living choose the Infinity curved stairlift.



Your home should never be your biggest obstacle. Negotiating the stairs shouldn’t stop you from doing the things you want to do. By choosing the Infinity curved stairlift, you can continue enjoying your home without worry. Our smart solution offers a discrete option that complements your home. A variety of options and tailor-made design, mean we truly are ‘Bespoke’.

Every part of the Infinity stairlift has been designed with you in mind.
The chair, compact, yet comfortable and the slimline twin tube rail leave plenty of room on the staircase and your home is never compromised



With our range of features you can have the stairlift of your choice to suit both you and your home.

  1. Standard or plus models to suit all types of user.
  2. Manual or powered swivel options.
  3. Variety of upholstery colours to suit you home.
  4. Sensitive safety edges ensure the chair will safely stop should something obstruct the stairs.
  5. Remote control operation.
  6. Ergonomic joystick control.
  7. Simple, intuitive operation.
  8. Safety as standard.

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