At Ponsi, we take pride in providing the best in quality power chairs. We ensure that your power chair is safe and fully functional. Our selection of power chairs in the Pittsburgh, Greensburg and North Huntingdon areas, are unbeatable. Please look below to see out selection of power chairs and please visit or contact us with any questions.

Pride Mobility - Power Chairs

Jazzy® Power Chairs

  • Jazzy® Passport
  • Jazzy Air®
  • Jazzy® 600 ES
  • Jazzy® Elite HD
  • Jazzy® 614 HD
  • Jazzy® Elite 14
  • Jazzy® Elite ES Portable
  • Jazzy® 1450
  • Jazzy® Elite ES-1
  • Jazzy® Sport 2



Quantum - Power Chairs

I Level Power Chairs

  • Edge 3
  • Q6 Edge 2.0
  • Q6 Edge Z
  • Q6 Edge HD
  • Q6 Edge 2.0 X

Golden Technologies - Power Chairs

Compass Series Power Chairs

  • Compass Sport
  • Compass HD


Compact Series Power Chairs

  • Lite rider Envy



Permobil - Power Chairs

Front Wheel Drive Power Chairs

  • F5 Corpus VS
  • F5 Corpus
  • F2 Corpus


Mid Wheel Drive Power Chairs

  • M1
  • M5 Corpus
  • M3 Corpus
  • M300 Corpus HD


Rear Wheel Drive Power Chairs

  • K450 MX


Pediatric Power Chairs

  • M300 PS Jr.
  • K300 PS Jr.
  • Koala R-Net
  • K450 MX


Standing Power Chairs

  • F5 Corpus VS

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